Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring cleaning

Like any historic venue, maintenance and upkeep are an important part of the daily operations. At the Hawthorne Hotel we are always looking to see where we can make those positive changes.

This week the hotel focused on both the Tavern bar and our parking area, that is conveniently located adjacent to the hotel. For our Tavern, it was time to refinish the bar and the floor, and below you can see some photos of the Northern Lights Restoration team starting the prep work. 

The solid oak floor certainly needed some attention after years of extensive use. Here you can see our contractor in action starting to strip the floors before putting on a new protective coat. What an amazing difference.

And of course not only the inside of the hotel needs attention, but we also make sure that our exterior looks pristine. This photo of our parking lot was taken from our 6th floor just before the stripes were painted over our resurfaced lot.

Make sure to stop by and say hello this summer and see all of the changes yourself.


Patrick Cornelissen
General Manager

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