Monday, May 25, 2015

Hidden treasures of Salem: The Salem Ferry

Salem's maritime history is certainly no secret to many who visit our city. From the early days of trading, to the current sailing and recreational water activities, the lure of the ocean has always been a blessing for the city. One of the biggest "hidden secrets" of Salem is also maritime related as this week the Salem Ferry was scheduled to restart its commute to and from Boston.

Often overlooking as a great commuting alternative, the ferry takes you from Salem into Boston under an hour and spares you an expensive parking headache. Navigating through the Salem Sound, passing by Marblehead and into the busy Boston harbor, the trip makes for a spectacular entry and is a relaxed exploration for a day visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

Next time you are staying at the Hawthorne, or even when you are in Boston looking to visit Salem, try this alternative transportation and enjoy the trip! The ferry runs until October 31 and tickets can be found at Salem Ferry.


Patrick Cornelissen
General Manager

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