Thursday, April 02, 2015


No, not the computer operating system.  Actual historic windows.

This week we began to see the fruits of one of our subcontractor's labor being installed -- new "old" windows for the Grand Ballroom.

Our 90-year old windows have taken a beating over the years, and we were seeing signs that they were failing, so before that happened we had new windows custom made by Mr. Jeffers at Moynihan Lumber.

The new windows are being installed by Strout Construction, and as part of this project we are saving the old original glass and moving it into the new window construction so that they will continue to have the same historical look in this elegant Grand Ballroom.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of the work.  The new windows work spectacularly, so we can actually open them when we need to get some nice outside air into the Ballroom.

I hope to see you here.


Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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