Thursday, February 19, 2015

Farm Direct Coop's Most Elegant Depot

It is not every farm share that can boost having a pick-up spot in an elegant hotel, complete with crystal and bronze chandelier -- but Farm Direct Coop of Salem and Marblehead can!  Here is the story --

Farm Direct Coop is a wonderful local farm share program.  Members purchase "shares" for a season (usually summer) and go once a week to the depot, located at Leslie's Retreat Park here in Salem, or one of the public school parking lots in Marblehead, to pick up the goodies that the Coop team bring together for the members.

This works great for June through early December.

Because of the relatively mild winter we had through December, our Coop decided to try a "Deep Winter" share and planned it for mid-February.  Knowing that luck was running out on the weather front, they started looking for an indoor site to do the depot.  Since my husband Walt, and I are loyal and staunch supporters of the FDC, and because the Hawthorne Hotel likes to be a helpful member of the Salem Community, I decided to invoke some executive privilege here at the Hawthorne Hotel and allow the Coop to us one of our function rooms for this one-time share.  That turned out to be a really helpful decision for the Coop due to the mammoth snowstorms we got this month.

So that is how we wound up with a farm share pickup depot in Sophia's last week.  We thought you might enjoy seeing some photos:

 Here are a bunch of close-up photos of the produce that was part of the "share" on this night.  This was not "all" there was, but just some of the quick snapshots we took:
Popcorn on the cob.  Fun to microwave in a paper bag.

Giant kohlrabi
Butternut Squash and Preserves

Tomato Puree


Sweet Red Cabbage

Fingerling Potatoes



Hot House Tomatoes from Maine



Watermelon Radishes

Iggy's Bread

Local Honey

Coop Staff and Volunteer
Supporting local agriculture, and true farm-to-table eating, was a happy thing for us to do on a wintry day.  I hope you enjoy seeing yet another aspect of the Hawthorne Hotel's contributions to the community where we all work.

If you are interested in learning more about the various "shares" here is the link to the FDC's website:  -- there is no wait list for shares from the Salem Depot, and Leslie's Retreat Park is in a very central location for all of Salem.

Think summer!!!  Sign up now!!!

And of course, we hope to see you here!


Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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