Friday, January 30, 2015


While I have already posted most of these photos on our FaceBook page, it occurred to me that not everyone who reads this blog is also a friend on FaceBook, so I thought it would be good for those readers to post these here. These are photos that I took during Blizzard "Juno" earlier this week.
Those small dark dots you see just below the fence in the top of the photo above are the heads of the parking meters across the street from the Hawthorne Hotel.

(Above)  A view of Salem Common from room 520.  You can barely see the tops of the bollards that surround the entrance to the Common.

Guests from the local area who cross-country skied here to enjoy the Tavern.

Guests who snowshoed to the Tavern to eat and enjoy an adult beverage.  We love our neighbors who will brave any kind of conditions to come to use our facilities.

Another guest who skied over to dine with us.

It was blowing so hard that our doors, which are about 20 feet under cover, were covered with windblown snow.

This collage is of photos that were taken on the first night of the storm, around 11 pm.

A view from the inside of the Tavern, looking through our historic windows at the back of the window boxes.

Wednesday morning and our sidewalks are clear!


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  1. love the pic from inside the tavern, looking outside. looks so warm and inviting to take shelter from the storm.