Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wow, 52 Weeks of Awesome Jim McAllister Lectures!!

Many people I know and people I have encountered tell me that one of the best lectures they have every attended is one of Jim McAllister's.  Usually you would have had to be invited to a Rotary meeting, or have participated in a Road's Scholar program, or have attended the lecture series at Hamilton Hall (that is always fully subscribed) but this year anyone who is savy enough to get their tickets in advance so they don't miss out can share in Jim's excellent knowledge of history, and fabulous wit at the same time.

Here is the basic information:

Jim McAllister presents 


The year 2015 is going to a busy one here at Derby Square Tours. Over the next 52 calendar weeks, I will be giving 52 different lectures (see January schedule below) in 52 different venues. To that end, I will be partnering with historic sites, churches, restaurants, and other institutions around Essex County that have the capacity to host one of these talks. Other lectures are being planned for sites outside the region including Paris, San Francisco, New York and cities around New England.

The majority of these weekly talks will relate to or one more facet(s) of North Shore history or culture, others to Paris and other important French art centers and themes. The offerings for the year will include both repeats of past lectures and new talks that will be offered for the first time.

Planning for the 52 week series will be done incrementally so as to to maintain maximum flexibility. Listed below are the initial offerings.

January Lecture Schedule

(Due to space limitations, all January lectures require reservations which can made by contacting me at culturecorner@gmail.com  or  978.979.5907).

WEEK ONE    “Frank Weston Benson: The Man and His Art

Wednesday, January 7 @7:30   
Kensington-Stobart Gallery, Hawthorne Hotel Salem.
 $12.00   Light refreshments provided.

A look at the life and work of Salem’s famous painter/print-maker. Benson, whose work is included in the collections of most important American art museums, lived most of his life at 46 Washington Square or 14 Chestnut Street. 

WEEK TWO     “A Most Remarkable Place: Salem Massachusetts”

Tuesday, January 13 @ 7:30   
Essex Room, Hawthorne Hotel, Salem
$12.00   Light refreshments provided, cash bar available.

A fast-paced, heavily-illustrated slide presentation chronicling the evolution of Salem from its founding in 1626 until modern times. Images from this lecture, which was first given in Salem in 1984, have appeared on billboards and in books, publicity materials, and many periodicals in America and abroad. 

WEEK THREE  “A Century of Salem Mayors: 1836-1936” 

Tuesday, January 20 @ 7:30 p.m.
Pickering House, 18 Broad Street, Salem 
$12.00  (Pickering Foundation members $10).

A colorful survey of Salem’s chief executives from the  time of the community’s designation as a city into the early years of the Great Depression.  The talk will examine the impact of the changing population and industries on the mayor’s seat; highlight some of the corner office’s more brilliant, accomplished, and colorful occupants; and chronicle some of our more bizarre mayoral elections. 

WEEK FOUR  “I Might Have Done It Too”

Saturday, January 24 @ 6 p.m.    
The Witch House/Corwin House, 310 Essex Street

An empathetic perspective on the Putnams of Salem Village, an extended family that played a major and unfortunate role in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, and an examination of the extraordinary social, economic, personal, and political pressures  that may have driven them to do so.


I hope to see you here.

Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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