Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Poinsettias Have Arrived

As usual, on the Friday after Thanksgiving the huge delivery of poinsettias arrived at the Hawthorne Hotel for placement in our various public spaces.
These photos show our team members unwrapping the hundreds of plants that it takes to decorate the hotel.  Our Chief of Building Maintenance, Jay Gilliss (R) and his helpers in the Grand Ballroom where we staged the arrival and distribution of the beautiful plants.

Here you see Mark Barclay and Claire Kallelis constructing the lobby poinsettia "tree" which is the centerpiece of the hotel through the middle of January.

Here is the finished tree.

Even the florist who creates our lobby floral centerpiece gets into the spirit and colors of the season in the arrangements she does for us each week.
I hope you have the opportunity to come and see our beautiful hotel for yourself -- we know that many people in the community come to take family photos in our lovely lobby.  So, I hope to see you here.


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