Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PEM + Favorite Things

On my personal list of favorite things about living and working in Salem, MA is the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM).  It is such an awesome presence in so many ways.  Here are a few of the reasons, over and above their excellent installations and programs, why this  institution made my list:

1.  The Gift Shop -- Actually two awesome spaces filled with all manner of things.  Not the usual "museum gift shop" stuff either -- it is always fun to go shopping there!  And you don't have to pay admission to go in, so just stop by and shop as you please.  Oh, and if you are a member you get 10% off in this special store.

2.  A staff member -- and his name is Jim Drago.  Jim is one of the security guards, and his story is best told in this video that I hope you will watch.  Jim has a great sense of humor that comes shining through.  Don't miss it!  Jim Drago, Awesome Friend at PEM

3.  Connections.  This is the magazine for members, and it is a terrific piece.  Well-written and sent out to members six times a year, I always discover something interesting by reading it.  This month's edition has an article entitled Found Treasure, by Susan Flynn who is the Managing Editor of Connections.  I scanned it here for you in case you are not a member and therefore don't receive this magazine.    So, this is reason number-two of many reasons why you should be a member of PEM

If you click on the image that should enlarge it on your screen so that you can read the article.  It is fascinating and worth the effort!

4.  The Atrium.  This great space is so wonderful to have in our midst.  There is a Cafe there which has delicious simple food such as soups, sandwiches (on A & J King's great bread), salads, pastries and snacks.  You can go to the Atrium (again, without having to pay admission) to simply sit and have a cup of delicious coffee or Harney and Sons' great tea, or a meal or whatever, and enjoy the daylight streaming in no matter the weather outside.  A true gem of a spot for Salem.

So there you have it -- a fabulous museum with a lovely list of "extras" for you to consider.

I hope to see you here, or there.


Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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