Monday, November 10, 2014

Turtles. Not the Animals. The Candy!

I think one of the most irresistible combinations of flavors is that of chocolate, caramel and nuts.  That, in a "nutshell" is what a candy "turtle" is, and they are awesome.  Here is a link to locally made "turtles" that are available right here in Salem at TURTLE ALLEY Turtle Alley Turtles

We stopped in during the early part of October and took a few photos so you can see what a lovely store is waiting just about a block and a half from the Hawthorne Hotel:

They are located at 177 Essex St here in Salem, just a few steps past PEM, and also at their original store in Gloucester, MA at 42 Rogers St.

When you stop in, be sure to tell Amy Pearson, the Manager, that the Hawthorne Hotel sent you!


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