Monday, November 24, 2014

Christine Madigan

On Friday we completely surprised Chris Madigan of our Catering Team with the award for Full-time Employee of the Month for November.

We are always thinking of slightly (and hopefully nicely) devious ways of making the surprise happen, and this time was quite unique -- I brought some new floor tile samples into the Catering and Sales office to show them to the team members there, and a few of the other managers also wanted to see these as well, so we were all looking at the tiles, and a bunch more of the managers slipped into a very tight space of this office and we offered our surprise greeting to Chris.

It worked!

Here are some photos of this event.  In the first photo you can just see Chris' arms and knees as she is sitting in her desk chair while Lindsay, Sara, Jessica and Karen offer up their surprise congratulations:

Karen O'Kane handing out a big hug to Chris, in appreciation of all she does for Karen and the Catering Team.

Left to right:  Chris Madigan, Sara Norris, Jessica Wright, Karen O'Kane and Juli Ledehaus

Speeches were made, and accepted.

Here you see Director of Sales, Thomas MacDonald, adding his speech and congratulations.

The whole team:  Left to right, standing:  Laura Abraham-Long, Catering and Sales Manager; Thomas MacDonald, Director of Sales; Karen O'Kane, Director of Catering; and Jessica Wright, Sales Manager
Seated: Sara Norris, Catering Manager; Christine Madigan, Catering Assistant; Lindsay Otis, Offsite Catering Sales Manager; and Melissa Kelly, Sales Assistant
Chris' role as Catering Assistant is so important, as she is constantly juggling a large number of details, the majority of which are very time-sensitive, and all of which are of the utmost importance to the successful outcome of each and every meeting, wedding, reunion, and other event held here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  She handles all of this with aplomb.

Many thanks to Kayleigh M for her assistance with these photos.

I hope you enjoy seeing our group happiness in recognizing one of our very hard-working team members.

And of course, I hope to see you here.


Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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