Thursday, November 20, 2014

Allison Austin

This week we honored Allison Austin as our Full-Time Employee of the Month for September.

This is not the first time Allison has received this honor and it is unlikely it will be the last.  Allison is such a dedicated partner on the Hawthorne Hotel Team -- she is always one of the most-recognized employees -- by our guests and by her fellow team members.  She is behind the Tavern Bar (and out on the floor) five nights a week, and she works there like it is her own "place", welcoming our guests, tending to their needs in a way that makes them feel part of the Hawthorne Hotel "family" and providing outstanding service at the same time.

Here you see Jasmina Conley giving a speech to those team members assembled to honor Allison in the Tavern.  We like to recognize our staff members this way right where they work, and are happy to have our guests witness these small ceremonies.

Allison Austin and Claire Kallelis
I hope you will drop by the Tavern some evening soon and join us in showering Allison with kudos on receiving this special award.


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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Congrats room Allison!