Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The "Halloween Decor Package"

Every year since they came to the Hawthorne Hotel in 1998 two guests, John Marsicano and Karen McCrory, have been staying with us and decorating their room for Halloween.  They started out very simply, with just a banner and some lights, and over the years other things started being added to the mix, until by 2000 they were in full-blown decorate-every-square-inch-of-the-room mode.

One of the things that has happened over the years is that other guests walking down the hallways have glimpsed inside this special room, and when they see John, and ask about the room, he loves to joke with them that this is the "Halloween Decor Package" and to just call the hotel a month ahead of time to order it.  He lets them pick their jaws up off the floor before telling them he is just kidding!

We started profiling this fun guest-happening on our blog in 2007, and have done so every year since then.  The reason we are able to make a news story out of this year after year is that every year they add new things to their decor, and so it is always fun to go and see what is new.

Here are this year's photos:

The painting on the left in this photo above is new this year, and the one below has not made the trip here before.

This harlequin witch (below) has not been on display here either:

Another new piece:
The pumpkin was left over from the Scream Out Loud event:
Another new painting"

Obviously this year's Black Cat Tours piece for 2014 is new:
This piece is not new, but was hung in a new place and looked new to me:
John surveying his domain, rightfully proud:
Another new painting by John Clarke:

 And another new painting by John Clarke as well:

This miniature coffin is new:
This Wheel of Misfortune is also new, made from a repurposed antique side table.  So cute!  And it works!

This jolly pumpkin person is also new:
And so is this witch with the green face:

These candle holders and candles are new:
The skull-embellished beer steins are also part of this years' new additions:

So is the blown glass "witch ball""

And this piece below is also part of the 2014 collection:

 The following five photos are of some special lighted blown glass ornaments which are not all new, but a few are in fact very old, and very special.  They are made by the Old World Christmas Ornaments by Merck.  Here is a link to the haunted house night light you see below:

Haunted House Night Light

This ghost coming out of the pumpkin is one of John's very favorite pieces, and this year it was accidentally broken when he was setting up the room, so he was thrilled when he was able to find one to replace it right away, through the magic of the Internet.

In this photo you can see that the "haunted house" also is available as a regular tree ornament:

The following photos show the room in its entirety:

One of the great things about John and Karen, and what they do to this room, is that when they leave there is not a trace of what they have done to this room.  Everything is put back exactly as they found it, and not a spot is left on the walls, ceiling or furniture.  Now those are some special guests!

I hope you enjoy seeing all of this, and of course, I hope to see you here.


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  1. The room looks absolutely amazing. John and Karen are wonderful people and do a great job at keeping the Halloween Spirit alive.