Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Giant Pumpkin Arrives

On Monday, October 13, 2014, our annual giant pumpkin arrived to grace the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel. Of course we love to take photos of this event which signals the arrival of our favorite season, Fall!

Here are our photos, courtesy of Kayleigh Merritt:
Don't you love the bumper sticker!?!

This little girl, Emma, was a guest in the hotel over the weekend.  She was here for a family event, and the owner of the giant pumpkin let her get in the truck and pose with the pumpkin before the delivery process began.

Here are some photos of the process of taking the pumpkin out of the pickup truck, and lowering it oh-so-carefully onto the dolly where it will "live" for the next few weeks.  With many thanks to Atlantic Paving for the loan of their forklift, to Jay Gilliss, our Chief of Building Maintenance who piloted the forklift, and to Barry Eliuk who helped with the direction, as well as to Robert Duffy, the pumpkin grower who graciously sold us his prize pumpkin!

Here you see the team, led by Chef Steve Nelson, applying their muscles to getting this behemoth up the ramp and into the door.

The follow photos document what is probably one of the trickier steps of the pumpkin's arrival -- getting it in to the exact position where it will spend its days in our hotel.

The next step is to coat the pumpkin with Wilt-Pruf to help protect it from the ravages of the indoor conditions of heat, and hands that want to touch and add bacteria to the outside -- some things that are definitely not good for keeping a giant pumpkin alive and well in the confines of a warm building.

Finally we dressed the pumpkin up with some skirting, and plants and little gourds and so on to make it look as nice as our lobby usually does, and then we added the finishing touch which is our poster for the guess-the-weight contest, along with the forms to do just that.

I hope you will have a chance to come and see this lovely specimen this year, and to take a guess on how much it weighs.


Juli Lederhaus
General Manager

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