Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some of Our Favorite Guests Combined with Some of Our Favorite Things

If you come into my office this time of the year you will see a charming black cat and a beautiful "Halloween Tree" made of blown glass.  They are definitely two of my favorite things, and they were both given to me by Karen and John who are here at the Hawthorne Hotel with us each and every Halloween season for several weeks.  Karen actually makes these cats, and I just LOVE mine!  Here she is reluctantly posing with my stuff.

I asked them if they wanted their photo taken with our giant pumpkin and they agreed, so here it is. The giant pumpkin is also one of my favorite things about the Hawthorne Hotel.

Lastly, Karen and John were chosen to be our VIPs of the day yesterday, which means they got to choose the flags that we would fly in front of the hotel today.  Here they are with the flag of New Jersey, their current home state.

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog, as I am sure Karen and John will invite me to see their wonderfully decorated-just-for-Halloween room again this year.

You will not be disappointed.


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