Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Decor in Guest Room

Here are the pictures of Debbie Randall and Kathy Adams' room which they stayed in last week. They decorated the room this year more than ever before - they began decorating a bit a few years back just by putting lights and such in the windows, but have now really decided to go all out since they love Halloween, Salem and the Hawthorne Hotel so much. 

Debbie and Kathy are cousins, and this is their annual trip together. They have been coming to Salem and the Hawthorne for 19 years now (!) and look forward to the trip all year round. They book the trip a year in advance every year, and begin planning their tours and decorations in July. 

Debbie is a high school Biology teacher in New Jersey, and is known throughout her school hallways as the Salem Halloween Queen. She has also researched the Salem Witch Trials extensively, and gives a guest lecture and Powerpoint presentation to English classes at her high school. Rumor has it that the annual Haunted Happenings guide AND the Hawthorne Hotel both pop up during her presentation!

We hope you enjoy these photos:

If you decorate your room here at the Hawthorne Hotel we would love to be able to document it right here on our blog, so please let us know.

I hope to see you here.


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