Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Costume Contest Winners Individual and Couple Category

Every year we have such fun presenting the winners of our annual Halloween Costume Contest. We have three categories, with First, Second and Third Place in two of them (Best Group, and Best Individual or Couple.)  
Here is the complete list:

(1)   Lucifer
(2)    A Skeksi from the Dark Crystal
(3) Gothic Queen and her Demon Dog
The Seven Seas
Bad Day to be a Girl Scout
Day of the Dead
Edgar Allan Poe and the Raven

(1) Tribute to Robin Williams (Front Desk helped them set up a proposal this week!)
(2) Corpse Bride and her Zombie Bridesmaids
(3) Mardi Gras Paper Dolls
Beetlejuice Group
Medusa and her Statues
Visitors from the Underworld
A League of Their Own

Mardi Gras Float
Runner Up: Voodoo Goddess
Mardi Gras Marionette
Victorian Mardi Gras
Fire Queen and Ice King
Mardi Gras Queen and VooDoo Man

Today we will give you photos of the Individual/Couple category winners, and runners' up.  The costumes were AMAZING.  We hope you enjoy seeing them.

First Place went to "Lucifer" by Benton Murray of Los Angeles, California

Third Place was given to the Gothic Queen and Her Demon Dog  (we have not received their information sheet back.)
The Seven Seas
A Bad Day to Be a Girl Scout

Day of the Dead

Edgar Allan Poe and the Raven

Tomorrow we will post the Best Group, and on Halloween we will post the Best Theme of the Party.

So stay tuned.


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