Thursday, October 02, 2014

A Poem, a Flag and a Hat

Last night I was invited to a seemingly mysterious event in the Tavern.  It was hosted by a good friend of the Hawthorne Hotel, Maryann Curtin, and attended by a number of other women named Mary, as well as a Kristine and a Jane.  

The first order of "business" was the presentation of a new hat to me, which perfectly matched my outfit (no accident, as it turned out), followed by a toast, and then another presentation, this time a lovely, wrapped gift for the hotel.  The gift was the Welsh flag, and the story of that and why remains loosely connected in my brain, but has something to do with a poet, a poetry society, and this lovely group of women who call themselves the "Bad Girls".

Next was the reading of a lovely poem written specifically for the hotel and for this occasion.  Here is the poem, which is called

A Tanka for the Hawthorne Hotel

You are Salem’s heart
beating between old and new,
echoing our lives,
witness to traditions dear
and memories yet to come.

                           -Kristine Doll

                            October 1, 2014

Our little gathering attracted quite a bit of attention in the Tavern, and as it turned out there were four hotel guests enjoying a beverage at the bar, and they were from Wales, so they were quite curious about our Welsh flag party. With much laughing and toasting and drinking, the story was told and fun was had by all.

After all of this, I had our custodian hang the flag out in front of the hotel, and our group and these two couples from Wales all marched outside to see it.  Photos were taken, and the Welsh anthem was sung, all in the rain, and with great enthusiasm.

Here are some photos, and even a video of some of the singing.

Our guests, Paul and Shan Draper, and Sue and Hugh Thomas

 Our guests had their very own contribution to the Welsh "night" in the Tavern:


Serendipity at its best.

I hope to see you here.


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