Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ultimate Halloween Art Unveiled at the Hawthorne Hotel

Last Saturday evening I was happy to witness a very special unveiling of a new painting. The occasion was the delivery of a commissioned Halloween painting by local artist John Clarke to two of our mutual customers, John Marsicano and Karen McCrory.  

John has been painting Halloween art off and on for some time, and John and Karen have purchased much of it, but they always had a dream that Mr. Clarke was finally able to bring into being. Their vision was of all the classic Halloween "horror" characters getting together for a few adult beverages in our very own Tavern on the Green here at the Hawthorne Hotel.

The first thing that John did was to do the painting for them in water colors.  Here is that painting, along with some closeups of the various characters and scenes:

Now, here is the unveiling of the finished acrylic version, which took place in my office since the Tavern was packed this past Saturday night:

John Marsicano and artist John Clarke

Following are close-up photos I took of the various characters within the larger piece:

I hope you enjoy this precursor to the Halloween season that is almost here!


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  1. Both paintings are incredible. John Clarke is an amazing artist and has outdone himself on these pieces. The concept is brilliant and marvelously displayed on canvas. Well done Mr. Clarke, and well done John and Karen!