Friday, September 26, 2014

Manager of the Quarter

This week we were able to present the Manager of the Quarter Award, for the second quarter of 2014, to Chef Rhiannon Nowak.  We made this presentation at the monthly managers' meeting on Thursday.  As I read the letter that I wrote to her out loud (absent the inside address) you can see the realization in Rhiannon's face -- she clearly began to recognize herself in my remarks.  Here are some photos of the presentation:

Here are some excerpts from the letter I wrote to Rhiannon explaining why she was chosen for this honor:

Results:  What kind of results did you produce during this Quarter?  I firmly believe that results do not lie.  Results are the end of a lot of work, and they are obvious.  
  • Your results most often must be measured subjectively, yet they are obvious to whoever views them.

Guest Relations:  In the performance of your job, what kind of impact did you have in the production of high standards of guest relations on behalf of the Hawthorne Hotel?  

  • What you do for us produces noteworthy praise from our guests, making our company shine in the eyes of everyone.

Dedication:  How much are you committed to your job with us?  

  • Your outreach into the community on top of a weekly stack of work shows how much you are dedicated.  You consistently lead by example in this regard.

Interpersonal Relations:  Knowing that we have both internal and external ‘customers’ how well did you serve not only your external customers (our guests), but how well did you do in serving the needs of the team of Hawthorne Hotel staff members in the furtherance of all of our goals?  

  • This is clearly an area where you treat each and every member of our team with the utmost in respect, always going above and beyond in trying to make everyone happy . . . and you do!

Professionalism:  In the production of results for the Hawthorne team, how did you complete each of your designated tasks?  

  • You never leave a task undone, and you always exhibit the utmost in creativity to solve any challenge that comes your way.

In considering all of these objectives, I found you to be a person who, in addition to the attributes already listed:

  • Is extremely well regarded by all of the team members you encounter in your work.

  • Engenders kindness and courtesy to accomplish everything you do.

  • Is a person for whom things are never a problem, no matter how much of a problem they might really be!

  • Is an awesome supporter for our Hawthorne Hotel softball team, and

  • Makes the best macarons ever!

Rhiannon is our Offsite Chef.  As such she handles all of the operations of our Catering and Food Service at the Peabody Essex Museum, for two restaurants and the banquet business we do there.  If you have been to a function in the last several years, or eaten in the Garden Restaurant or Atrium Cafe, you have experienced Rhiannon's creations.

I hope you will join me in congratulating her on a job well done, and an award well-deserved.


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