Friday, September 05, 2014

Liz Rauscher Receives Award

This week we were finally able to connect with Liz Rauscher who is a member of our Banquet Team -- she is a Banquet Coordinator who works for us Part-Time -- to award her the July Employee of the Month Award for the Part-time Staff.

Here are some photos:

Liz Dube, our Banquet Manager, explaining why Liz was chosen for this award.

Very happy and surprised Liz Rauscher

The staff enjoying the presentation which took place in the Grand Ballroom

Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager; Liz Rauscher, Banquet Coordinator; and Liz Dube, Banquet Manager

Liz Rauscher
Liz began her career with us as a server in the Tavern, even though we all knew that was not her goal, it was a job that we needed to fill, and she was willing to fill it.

She then progressed to the Banquet Department, beginning as a coordinator-trainee, and then a full-fledged coordinator.  Now she is poised to take a "next step" in her career with us, and we are very happy for her (and for us!)

I hope you enjoy seeing our team members, and learning a bit about how we "grow" our associates and help them progress in their careers.

Congratulations, Liz, and thank you for all the great work you have done for us so far.  We know our guests really like you, and so do we!


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