Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Newsletter for Wednesday, October 1

Here is the Hawthorne Guest Messenger for Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

Hotel Notes
The Hawthorne Staff Welcomes Starbucks Coffee Co.
Starbucks Coffee, is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world ahead of UK rival Costa Coffee, with 23,305 stores in 65 countries and territories, including 13,049 in the United States, 1,909 in China, 1,555 in Canada, 1,089 in Japan and 927 in the United Kingdom.

Weather Forecast   
Remaining cloudy and cool, temperature in low 60’s.

What’s Happening in Salem this week
19th Annual Salem Chamber of Commerce Haunted Happenings Grand Parade - October 2, 2014

The Salem Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you to participate in the 19th Annual Salem Chamber of Commerce Haunted Happenings Grand Parade on Thursday, October 2, 2014.  This year’s event will feature the theme “Fantasy”. This time honored kick off of the Halloween season is full of color, pageantry, music and the enthusiasm of thousands of Salem’s students from kindergarten to college and our local business owners.  Their participation is what makes this a highly successful, cherished event for our community.  The choice of costumes for this year’s parade is endless, based on the many fantasy themed movies and books, we’re expecting to see a lot of characters from Frozen, Harry Potter, Narnia, Spiderman as well as Ghostbusters (30 year anniversary and re-release), Avatar and the Hunger Games.

VIP of the Day
The Hawthorne Hotel would like to welcome their VIP of the day, Janet Schmelling!

Flags of the Day

This Day in History
On October 1, 1908, the first production Model T Ford is completed at the company's Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit. Between 1908 and 1927, Ford would build some 15 million Model T cars. It was the longest production run of any automobile model in history until the Volkswagen Beetle surpassed it in 1972.

I hope to see you here!


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