Sunday, September 07, 2014

Guest Newsletter for Monday, September 8

Here is the Hawthorne Guest Messenger for Monday, September 8, 2014.

Hotel Notes
Nerd Trivia at the Flying Saucer
8pm to 10pm
Flying Saucer Pizza Company (118 Washington Street)

The Flying Saucer Pizza Company and Harrison's Comics proudly presents a trivia night from where no man has gone before! We invite you every Monday at 8PM at the Flying Saucer to face off in a battle of wits and knowledge! Topics will include comics, fantasy, horror and of course sci-fi! Prizes will be given, beer shalt be guzzled, and pizzas consumed!

Weather Forecast   
Mostly sunny with a high of 68 degrees.  

What’s Happening in Salem this week
Calder Exhibit at the PEM
September 6th through January 4th
Alexander Calder's abstract works revolutionized modern sculpture and made him one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century. In collaboration with the Calder Foundation, this exhibition brings together 40 of the artist's mobiles (kinetic metal works) and stabiles (dynamic monumental sculptures) to explore how Alexander Calder introduced the visual vocabulary of the French Surrealists into the American vernacular. (

VIP of the Day
The Hawthorne Hotel would like to welcome their VIP of the day, Hiedi Pietrzyk!

Flags of the Day
New Jersey

This Day in History
On this day in 1974, in a controversial executive action, President Gerald Ford pardons his disgraced predecessor Richard Nixon for any crimes he may have committed or participated in while in office. Ford later defended this action before the House Judiciary Committee, explaining that he wanted to end the national divisions created by the Watergate scandal.

I hope to see you here!


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