Thursday, August 28, 2014

We Love Surprises

A few weeks ago a member of our team, Alaina Ferriero who is one of our Catering Sales Managers contacted me to ask if she could nominate my assistant, Kayleigh M, for the Part-Time Employee of the Month for August.  I happily agreed, and then we started strategizing how we could do this since Kayleigh takes the minutes at the Managers' meeting where we do the nominations, and basically knows everything that is going on in the hotel.

We developed a way to do this secretly, and not only managed to have her elected to this honor by acclamation, but also were able, with the volunteer help of Jessica Wright, to prepare all the documents for presentation to her at the meeting.

Here are the photos that Jessica took at the meeting:

 And here are the more formal photos that we took in front of the Hotel later in the day.  Oddly enough, and totally happenstance, it turned out that we were flying the Irish flag today, and that is Kayleigh's heritage, so she was thrilled for us to get the flag into the photo.

Kayleigh has been part of the Hawthorne team for about a year and a half, and we are so very happy to have her as part of our awesome group of associates.  She does a terrific job in everything she touches, from the meeting minutes, to handling correspondence, to writing a wonderful monthly employee newsletter and much more.

Special thanks to Kayleigh, and congratulations!

Also, special thanks to Alaina and Jessica for their help in orchestrating this surprise, down to the finest detail, and to Jessica for doing the photography.  What a great team we have here at the Hawthorne Hotel!


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