Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Puzzle Parley 2014

We were so excited to welcome back the Puzzle Parley group again this year. What they do is so unusual, and such fun, that it makes our work here so much more enjoyable to be sharing in their cool work/hobby.

Here are some photos of this year's Puzzle Fair, which is the part that we really get to see -- this event is open to the public, and is quite popular.  If you want to view the photos that we took in even more detail, be sure to click on them.

Look at how intricate the cuts are in this puzzle!  Not to mention the design of the art.

This puzzle is so cool -- you can see some of the "pieces" in the area surrounding the puzzle, and those missing pieces make the art look like it has silhouettes as part of the design.

This one is in the category of "make you crazy" trying to put it together!

This puzzle has two ways to put it together -- one way the cat is searching for the catnip mouse, and the other she has captured it.

An antique puzzle.

This design almost looks like the people are coming out of the puzzle.

More very intricate cutting going on here.

Look closely and you can see that you might have the opportunity to buy one of these puzzles in September of this year.

These puzzles are cut from acrylic, and again, the intricacies of the cutting design are amazing.

This "Sherlock Holmes" puzzle won the competition held at this event.  
I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we did.


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