Saturday, August 09, 2014

Ken O'Keefe Leaves the Hawthorne Hotel "Nest"

It is so hard to write some blog posts.  This is one of them.  I am both very sad for us, and yet very happy for Chef Ken O'Keefe right now.  This is Chef Ken's last weekend as part of the Hawthorne Hotel Team.  He is leaving us, in his role as Executive Sous Chef, to become the Executive Chef of our sister hotel, The Publick House in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about Ken's time with us and include a bunch of photos.  Given that Ken has been here for 12 years, and I have been writing this blog for a little over 9 years, it was pretty easy to come up with some photos that are a walk down memory lane.

Here are the photos I took today:

Left to right:  Maggie Johnson, Ana Jerez, Balerio Cuevas, Ken O'Keefe, Kristi Thompson, Geoff Kellum and Sylvester Toribio in a photo taken on Friday August 8, 2014.
And here are some photos that have appeared on this blog both recently and in the past:
Ken on our soon-to-be-championship softball team.  July 2014.
Ken with Ana Jerez and Rhiannon Nowak
Ken warming up on the softball field this summer
Banque Chef, Maggie Johnson; Offsite Chef, Rhiannon Nowak;  Ken and Executive Chef Steve Nelson
Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager; Juli Lederhaus, General Manager, Chef Ken, and  Bienvenido Espinosa
Chef Ken with one of our many Giant Pumpkins
A prophetic photo -- Chef Ken with James Kluge and Brooke O'Keefe
Why prophetic?  James used to work here at the Hawthorne Hotel as our Dining Services Manager and he too received a promotion to a great job at the Publick House -- as their Director of Food and Beverage -- so now Ken and James will be working together again.  And Brooke is the wife of Ken, and mother of their two children, and she is also thrilled to be moving to the "country" for the sake of her growing family.
Ken with Jonah Pringle
Ken with Manuel Pena at PEM
Ken at one of our specialty wine dinners.
Ken and the team at the pre-meal for New Year's Eve in 2010.

Some faces from the past, including a very young-looking Ken O'Keefe.

Fun and games with the menu specials board in the kitchen.

 Another wine dinner.

Ken received the Manager of the Quarter Award in 2007

Ken surveying the stations set up in the Atrium at PEM when he was the Offsite Chef there.
Ken and his wife, Brooke, with their first baby.

I hope you will join me in wishing Ken and Brooke and their family all the best wishes for them in this new phase of their lives.  If you want to do that right here, as a comment, I will be sure to share your wishes with him.

Congratulations Executive Chef Ken O'Keefe!


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