Friday, August 08, 2014

July Full-Time Employee of the Month

Yesterday we surprised Liz Hunter of our Front Desk Team with the Full-Time Employee of the Month Award for July, 2014.

During the month of July we experienced a very difficult situation that lasted about a week and involved our front desk operating systems.  During that time Liz really "stepped up" and was very instrumental in working behind the scenes so that what was stressing us internally was not impactful to our guests.  She was a huge help, maintaining a calm and smiling demeanor all the while working accurately and efficiently to see that everything continued to appear to be "business as usual."

We were so pleased to have her on our TEAM during that stressful time, and learned that Liz was made of really "strong stuff".  She certainly deserves this award, and I hope if you see her you will add your congratulations to ours.

Juli Lederhaus, General Manager, awarding Liz Hunter the July Employee of the Month Award

Liz was so excited!

Andy Seidel, Front Office Manager, explaining to Liz and the assembled team members, just why Liz was so deserving of this award.

When we went outside to take more formal photos, Liz was thrilled to see the flag of Peru flying.  She has Peruvian roots, so this was a very happy coincidence.

In fact, she was so excited, she asked to have her photo "alone" with "her" flag.  We were happy to oblige.

I hope to see you here, and if you do come by, be sure to stop at the front desk to say "way to go" to Liz!


Many thanks to Sara Norris who took most of these photos for us.

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