Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Art and Music in an Unusual Place

Many of you know my penchant for walking around the dining rooms of the Hawthorne Hotel, chatting with our guests to really learn more about how we are doing, what brings people here, and just making acquaintances with our customers.

Earlier this week I was doing just that when I met four lovely women who were in for lunch in the Tavern.  When I inquired about their visit, I learned that they had driven here from New Hampshire to see one of the women's son's sculpture, which is on display at the Peabody Institute Library.

Now I was really confused, because it was not the Peabody Essex Museum's Library, and it was not in Peabody, and not in Salem, but it was in Danvers.  Phew, my brain was about to take a tumble.  I persevered, and even jotted the information down in my notebook so that I could make sure to find it.

It was a beautiful day, promising to be an even prettier evening, and since "his" sculpture was part of a display of about 25 pieces, on view and available to the public free of charge at any time, I coaxed my husband into going for a drive over to Danvers that evening to find this place we had never been, to see the artwork.

We were very fortunate, because there was also an outdoor concert taking place on the lawn next to the Library at the time we were there, and the band was quite good.  So we strolled around, taking in the art, listening to good music, and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Life doesn't get too much better than that.

Here are some photos of the beautiful old library building, as well as the people gathered on the grass for the concert:

Following here are some photos of the sculptures.  While I took one of every piece, I decided to just post a few, along with a collage of the rest, because I hope you will take the time to go see these yourself.  After all, you cannot beat the price (free) and sculpture is something that does not reproduce as well in photos -- seeing it in "real life" is so much better.

The show is there through September 19, 2014.

Collage of other pieces:

This follow description is from the Danvers' Library website:

Celebrating the Art of Sculpture 2014, a major exhibition featuring the work of 20 artists from all over New England, is being held outdoors at the Peabody Institute Library of Danvers at 15 Sylvan Street in Danvers. It opens on June 9th and runs through September 19th. The exhibit is sponsored by the Library in cooperation with the Barn Workshop Gallery, also of Danvers.
“We are bringing sculpture into the community in a way that it can be enjoyed by everyone,” says Alan Thibeault, Library Director. “Last year’s exhibition created quite a stir. People came from all over to see the sculptures and we received a lot of positive feedback. The pieces will be on display all summer and the viewing is free, so we hope that families will bring friends and out-of-town guests to learn more about these innovative works on a grand scale.”

The sculptures you’ll see are created of many different materials including stone and metal. One of the wonderful things about sculpture is that you can walk around each piece and examine its lines and structure to get a feel for what each piece is communicating. The outdoor garden setting invites you to take your time, stroll around, see all the sculptures, and then revisit your favorites.

“Even though the sculptures are very different, their size, structure, and placement complement each other and create a cohesive presentation,” explained Michael Guadagno, exhibit curator and president of The Barn Workshop Gallery. 

And here is a link to their concert series.  Unfortunately, there is only one concert left for this season, but based on what we heard this week, you probably want to try to get there for this last one in any case.


I hope you enjoy this information as much as I enjoyed pulling it all together for you, and of course, I hope to see you here.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, my husband did enjoy the "field trip" as well.


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