Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday

We love the concept on social media of "throwback Thursday" -- a day to look at and post old photos and think about the past.

Earlier this week Jim McAllister, our wonderful local historian and photographer, shared a photo with us -- one he took in 1985 -- of the front of the Hawthorne Hotel, evidently festooned for a 60th anniversary celebration.   It features a photo of "Mel" who was the doorman then. 

From all accounts, Mel was a super-friendly man whom everyone seemed to love.  According to the current owner of the hotel, it was highly unlikely that Mel was an actual employee of the hotel given the financial circumstances of the hotel in those days -- and in fact he vaguely remembers Mel volunteering to do this job for something to do.  He may have done pretty well on the tips he could have received anyway, as it has been a well-documented custom in upscale hotels around the United States which have historically had doormen who would actually pay the hotel for their jobs because they make so much in tips.

Whatever the arrangement, Mel was a fixture here for long enough to still be remembered by our team members who were recently honored at our luncheon for staff members who have been with the hotel for 25 years or more.

Do you remember Mel?  Please feel free to share your stories with us.  We would love to hear from you.


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