Monday, July 28, 2014

Nice to Be Nice

When I was in high school I had a teacher who had a HUGE banner across the front of the classroom.  It went from one side of the room to the other, and in lettering about a foot high, it said "It's Nice to Be Nice".

It is funny how something so simple can be so powerful.  Every class, every day you look at something like that and it begins to take root in an undeniable way.  It becomes part of your DNA.  It turns in to the mantra I use for our team members which says "We are NOT in the Hotel business, we are in the Hospitality business -- so if you can remember that in everything you do, you will not go wrong."  Always treat our guests with hospitality!  That is another way of saying "Be Nice."

So it was pretty easy for me to say "yes" when the Salem Common Neighborhood Association asked me if they could use the Ballroom to read the Declaration of Independence on that special day, since really stormy weather was in the forecast.  Of course, I said "yes" just like I had on several other Independence Days -- some of which actually materialized with the storms and others that did not.

This year, what made this even even more popular, was that the stormy weather for this long holiday weekend was really more of the affects of the first hurricane of the season, and the weather forecast was so bad that the fireworks were postponed to Sunday from Friday, something that was not easily done.  That change left the Reading of the Declaration as pretty much the only 4th of July activity that was going to be able to take place on "the day", and it was only because we donated the use of the Grand Ballroom to this event.  Word went out loud and strong on social media, and many, many people showed up for this 9 am event on a holiday.

Here is the nice thank you note I received from the organizer.  It is Nice to be Nice.

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