Friday, July 04, 2014

Michelle Named Employee of the Month

Yesterday we surprised Michelle Tejada of our Housekeeping Department with the award for Full-Time Employee of the Month for April.  Yes, you are reading that correctly, April 2014!

The day we originally planned to give her the award was the day she went into labor to have her child.  She has just recently returned to work, so we got this scheduled as soon as we could.

 We made this award in the employee lunch room, so that the staff members who were working at the time could be present to congratulate Michelle.  Michelle is our Housekeeping Inspector, and she does an excellent job for us as witnessed  by the high marks for cleanliness that we receive on our hotel comment cards, as well as on sites like TripAdvisor.

 In this photo above you see Megan Campbell, the Director of Housekeeping, explaining to Michelle and the assembled staff members why Michelle was nominated.
Michelle seemed very happy, and grateful for the recognition.  Her co-workers were elated as well.

I hope the next time you stay here you will say "Congratulations" to Michelle for her fine work.


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