Saturday, July 05, 2014

Interesting Details in a 1980 Wedding

Cindy and Jeff Chrissis of Powell, Ohio, are regular guests of the Hawthorne Hotel. One day when I was doing table visits I happened to meet them, and learned that they had been married here at the Hawthorne Hotel in June of 1980.

As I often do, I asked if they had any photos of their wedding to share with me, and this week I was lucky enough to run into Cindy, and found that she had scanned some photos and had them on her iPad.  She quickly emailed them to me, and here they are:

I love seeing this following photo, especially because I did not know that there had ever been a built-in bar in the Ballroom.  In addition, I surely did not know we ever let anyone dangle from the "grandmother" windows on the second floor.  Yikes! The photo tells the story.
This next photo shows the old "Hawthorne Motor Hotel" sign.  This was installed in the mid-century when the automobile was "king" and if you were not a "motel" then you better be a "Motor Hotel."

I love the "going away" photo -- this hardly happens anymore, and it was such a cute custom.

I hope you enjoy these cool old photos.  Thanks so much to Cindy for sharing.


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