Thursday, July 17, 2014

Corinne Landry Receives Award

On Wednesday a group of managers from the Hawthorne Hotel and Hawthorne Catering visited the Garden Restaurant at PEM where Corinne Landry of our team was finishing up her work for the day.  We went there to award her the Part-time Employee of the Month Award for June 2014, an honor she surely deserves.

Corinne "owns" the Garden Restaurant when she is working there,.  She demonstrates that ownership by leading the other team members utilizing her incredible ability to provide friendly, polished and efficient service to our guests in this restaurant (or in other other restaurants here at the Hawthorne Hotel when we have her fill in from time to time.)

She was happily surprised, and clearly delighted when she saw us all walk in.

Corinne was thrilled as Claire Kallelis and Juli Lederhaus spoke to her about her exemplary service.

A very happy member of our team!
Claire is very enthusiastic in her description of Corinne's growth and development.

Team members Alaina, Jessica, Maggie, Tyler, Andy, Will and Thomas all were an enthusiastic audience for the presentation.

Left to right:  Rhiannon Nowak, Hawthorne Catering Chef; Corinne; Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager; and Jasmina Conley, Dining Services Assistant Manager
I hope that the next time you have the opportunity to have lunch "out" you will consider the Garden Restaurant at PEM, and you will give Corinne a congratulatory "thank you" for her outstanding attitude and service.


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