Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Brynn Zaniboni Honored

Last week was a busy one for us, in honoring a number of our team members. Due to summer vacations, holidays and the like, it took us a while to try to "catch up" with a number of our staffers.

Here you can see us honoring Brynn Zaniboni, a member of our Front Desk team, with the Full-time Employee of the Month award for June.

As you an see we were able to surprise Brynn while she was finishing up her shift at the Front Desk.  I am not sure who was more delighted, Brynn or the rest of us.

Andy Seidel, our Front Office Manager, happily shared with the assembled team members, just why Brynn was selected for this award.  Andy mentioned Brynn's attention to detail, her pleasant demeanor and her non-stop smile as all parts of her complete hospitality skill set. 

Left to right:  Elizabeth Buchanan, Evening Manager; Andy Seidel, Front Office Manager; and Brynn Zaniboni

Left to right, standing:  Liz Hunter, Sara Norris, Sam Arruda, Jasmina Conley.
Seated: Andy Seidel, Brynn Zaniboni, Elizabeth Buchanan and Dilya Shovara
We are so happy to have Brynn on Team Hawthorne!  Be sure to stop by and say hello and congratulations the next time you are at the Hawthorne Hotel.


Photo credit to Thomas MacDonald, our Director of Sales, who does such a great job whenever we can get him to carry out this "extra-curricular" duty for us.

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