Tuesday, July 15, 2014

25 Years and Counting -- A Special Celebration

Today we hosted a luncheon for the 15 members of the Hawthorne Hotel Team who have been part of our organization for 25 years or more.  We were fortunate that even with busy schedules, 12 of that elite group were able to attend this special event.  We were able to hold the event at the Peabody Essex Museum, in their Bartlett Gallery, and our offsite banquet chef, Rhiannon Nowak, created a very special menu with the tastes of our team members in mind.

Here is the menu:

Here is the list of team members in alphabetical order.  Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the following members were unable to attend:  Cheryl Ennis, Ramon Rodiguez and Sylvester Toribio.

We had the honorees line up on the spiral staircase in order according to the year they first came to work at the Hawthorne Hotel.  At the base of the stairs are the managers who were invited in support of their team members.

On the stairs, left to right: Michael Harrington, Owner's Representative, with Nancy Stewart, Laundry Department, 1978; Jane Fuller, Banquet Department, 1981; Karen O'Kane, Director of Catering, 1986; Paula Lareau, Overnight Manager, 1985; Steve Nelson, Executive Chef, 1985; Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager and Director of Food and Beverage; Maria MacLeod, Payroll Manager, 1988; Lisa Lynch, Bartender/Server 1988; Lori Cirome, Bartender/Server; Judy Picone, Banquet Assistant, 1988; Judy Veinot, Nathaniel's Server, 1989; Mary Heinerich, Banquet Server.  Team members with missing dates have a combined 25+ years on our team, but have breaks in service.  Standing on the floor under the staircase, Juli Lederhaus, General Manager; Megan Campbell, Executive Housekeeper; Liz Dube, Banquet Manager; Joann Delp, Corporate Controller; Tom Bracken, Assistant Controller, and Thomas MacDonald, Director of Sales.  

Nancy Stewart, Judy Veinot and Megan Campbell

Liz Dube, Jane Fuller, Judy Veinot, and Claire Kallelis

Judy Picone, Steve Nelson, Claire Kallelis and Karen O'Kane

Paula Laureau, Maria MacLeod, Joann Delp and Tom Bracken

Chef Rhiannon Nowak made French macarons as favors, and she made them to match the flowers, also a take home piece for each honoree.

A large circular table so we could all sit together.  This was perfect for our after lunch sharing of memorable moments.

A Champagne toast to begin the festivities.

Special thanks to Lindsay Otis, of our Catering Management team for her assistance in designing this event.  Also many thanks to Mike O'Meara and Scott O'Meara for their outstanding service to us.
It is through the dedication and loyalty of team members such as these that we are able to provide the kind of exemplary service, award-winning accommodations, and outstanding food that sets the Hawthorne Hotel apart from all the others on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and for that matter, of New England!

I hope you will join me in thanking each and every member of this elite team the next time you see them, or via a post to this entry in our Daily Diary. 

And of course, I hope to see you here.


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