Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Then and Now -- Sixty-some Years Later

We love helping people recreate photos to get to a "then" and "now" comparison.  Today as I was going for my customary table visits in Nathaniel's at breakfast I met a lovely group of women who challenged me, saying that they had been here longer than I had.  They went on to explain that they had gotten "thrown out" of the Hawthorne Hotel many times in the 1950s when they came in to use the payphone to call for rides home.  They explained that they would normally do that at the drugstore (which used to occupy the space in the corner of the hotel where the Kensington-Stobart Gallery currently is) but if the drugstore was closed, they would come in to the hotel.

This group of women constituted a basketball team called the Red Hawks, part of the recreation league in Salem at the time.  They went on to play basketball together at Salem High.  They even had a photo of the group of them.  They are all still alive, save one (Lorraine Bedard.)

I asked them if they would like me to take their photo, recreating where they were all standing in the original photo, and they happily agreed.

So, here is the "then" photo, which I scanned:

Left to right, back:  Ann Paul, Lorraine Bedard, Ann Scott and Arlene Bodge
Left to right, front: Joyce Poirier, Nancy Burns and Audrey Rice

Here is the photo I took of them today:

Left to right, in the back row are:  Ann Paul, Ann Scott and Arlene Bodge.  Left to right in the front row are:  Joyce Poirier, Nancy Burns, and Audrey Rice.

They all attended the Phillips School with the exception of Ann Scott, who they told me they recruited for "her height" from St. Mary's School.  I can tell this was a competitive group of basketball players!

Being a place where old friends can continually meet each other to keep in touch is one of the great things about "being" an historic hotel.  I hope we can help you perpetuate your own good memories.

So, I hope to see you all here.


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  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    That is just plain awesom! Excellent photos!