Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Banquet Chairs Have Arrived

One of the reasons we keep this blog is as a "daily diary" of events that take place in the hotel. Yesterday was a big day in that regard -- the arrival of our new banquet chairs.  With this kind of documentation it is really easy for us to go back and see when this happened the last time, so here is the link to a little over five years ago when we had an "exercise" just like we did yesterday:  Banquet Chair Arrival 2009

Miguel Lozano unpacking our new chairs.

Barry Eliuk moving cartons around in our Ballroom.

Lots of cartons to deliver 300 chairs.

Jay Gilliss participating in the unpacking process

A new transport cart handles these chairs more safely, and with less strain on our team members.

Claire Kallelis likes the new cart!

Miguel, Claire, and Mark Barclay

Alaina Ferriero unpacking.

Note, these chairs were made in the USA.  We are proud to be able to support American industry, keeping jobs here instead of offshore.

MTS provided our chairs, and were gracious throughout the process.

The Ballroom was a beehive of activity.  Left to right, Miguel, Robert Leonard, Claire Kallelis and Thomas MacDonald.

To finish the job, it took one staff member, Santos Chavez Torres, to break down all the cardboard cartons for recycling.

This job is clearly a TEAM effort.  Thanks to all of the Hawthorne Hotel team members who participated in this huge event -- whether you were in the Ballroom working with us yesterday, or holding down the fort in your departments making sure the business of running this hotel still got done, or getting ready for this big event on Sunday by loading out the old chairs, we appreciate each and every one of you!

Now we just need to find a (non-profit) entity that can use about 175 of our older, but still perfectly serviceable, banquet chairs. They are loaded on our truck and ready for delivery.

I hope to see you here, enjoying our new chairs.


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