Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Behind the Scenes, Our Involvement with Salem Schools

One of the "behind the scenes" things that we do here at the Hawthorne Hotel is our participation in the extended high school/technical training classes at the school. Many of the students there have challenges beyond the norm, and some of them participate in a vocational training program where they go into area businesses and learn some work skills that will hopefully translate into lifelong skills that they can take with them into their future.

Yesterday two of "our" students were ending their involvement with this program, so we wished them a farewell with certificates celebrating their time with us.

In addition, their workplace coach, Brigette, is also leaving the program at this time, as she enters a new phase of her educational career.

Sue, Caitlin Curry, Brigette Smith, Alex
 Brigette was very touched, as we gave her not one but two Thank You cards to accommodate everyone's good wishes to her as she goes on to her next challenge -- graduate school.
Claire Kallelis giving achievement award to Josh

Claire awarding Alex his achievement certificate.

 Alex was very touched, and could not believe this award was for him.  He made sure we know he will be hanging it up on the wall at his home.
Left to right, Chef Ken O'Keefe, Bob Strom, one of the teachers of the program at Salem High School, Andy Seidel, Sue, Caitlin Curry, and Brigette Smith.

Alex, Brigette and Josh

I hope you enjoy getting a little bit of a look behind the scenes, to see the Hawthorne Hotel's involvement in the local community.  By providing opportunity and a willingness to work with these very special students, we help all of us.

See you here.


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