Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Tiny Wedding

Last week, on Friday June 13 to be precise, I met a family who was having breakfast in our dining room. Their visit was not going as they had planned, nor as how we wanted it to go for them, and the weather that day was the icing on the cake, and not in a good way.  It was raining in the morning, and the forecast was for ugly raining and foggy and chilly weather all day and into the evening.  Their plans for a 7 pm wedding outdoors on the Common were not looking anything close to ideal.

Not being able to change the weather for them, and knowing that the hotel had played a part in their concerns that morning, I decided to offer them the Pickman Room for the evening so that they could have this special event take place inside where it was nice and dry.

They happily accepted my offer, and the photos below show what a happy ending the day had for this loyal-to-the-Hawthorne Hotel family.  The Abraham-Tramontana family was formally created that evening here at their favorite hotel.

For a little bit more of the "rest of the story" -- here are some of Kimberly's words:  I don't think there is much else to say about us...Sam's heart attack in May really put a lot of things into perspective for us...especially how quickly we could lose so was time to get married and officially make us a family after being together for 6 yrs...our 15yr old daughter Katlyn picked the date for us 3 yrs ago because it is so rare to have a Friday the 13th on a full moon...and she was hoping by picking a date we would start planning a actually forgot about it until Sam was in the hospital waiting for his Cardiac Catheterization...the girls were so elated that he only needed stints and was coming home, that the date a wedding came back up quickly...2 days after he was out of the hospital he made me drive to Salem for a marriage license...everything after that is history thanks to you :)

At the Hawthorne Hotel, just like every place else in the world, there can be an occasional hiccup in what we do.  I believe that it is in how we both recover from, and learn from the mistakes that we get better at what we do.  We believe that no matter what, it is our mission to offer hospitality.  I think in this case that hospitality really made things into a magical happy ending/beginning for this nice couple and their lovely family.

I hope you will be able to enjoy Hawthorne Hospitality some day too.  Kimberly called me her guardian angel for the day -- a role I was honored to have played.


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  1. You are such a sweatheart, Juli! xoxo My best wishes to the newly joined family.