Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Never Know. . . .

. . . . where your photo might go!

That is certainly the case with the photos for this lovely couple that we profiled on our wedding blog nearly a year ago:  Beautiful Couple Blog Post

You see, we loved their photos so much, that when it came time to design a banner to hang around Salem promoting the Hawthorne Hotel as a great place to have a fabulous wedding, we chose their photo -- with permissions of our lovely couple, as well as the photographer, Kellie Ryan, of course.

As a happy happenstance, the month the banners went up all around Salem, we had a visit from this beautiful bride (and her mom, since her new husband is going to special schooling in the San Diego area) and we asked her if we could take her photo under one of "her" banners.  She happily agreed, so after Kim and Barbara got done having lunch with their Catering Manager, Lindsay Otis, we all went for a walk to the closest location and took these photos.

 Kim is from Lynn.  She and her new husband, Matt moved out to San Diego after the wedding last year so he could train to become a Medical Diver.   They will be moving to Rhode Island this July.

Left to right:  Mother of the Bride, Barbara Hermann, Our "Star Bride", Kim Catalano Lombardi, and Hawthorne Hotel Catering Manager, Lindsay Otis

We also offer our special thanks to their awesome photographer, Kellie Ryan, who can be contacted right here: Photographer Kellie Ryan

I hope you enjoy this "slice of life" of the Hawthorne Hotel and our guests' involvement with us.  It truly feels like a family of individuals, getting together for the betterment of all.


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