Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Flower Boxes Are Changed

Usually you can tell the subtle changes in the seasons just by looking at the window boxes at the Hawthorne Hotel.  That is because "usually" we are changing things out as we get warmer and then as our weather cools off.

That was not exactly the case this week, as we changed out the orange pansies (early spring, cool weather planting) for our ivory petunias (early to mid-summer planting) this week.  Almost as soon as we got that job done the weather turned cold, and then rainy and cold.  Not nice!

Here are the photos:

Yesterday as I walked in to the hotel all of the new plants were lined up on the sidewalks in front of the planter boxes, clearly ready for their planting.
 Here you see our maintenance department worker, Bruce MacArthur planting.
 And here is the finished "product".

Here is to hoping the weather will return to "normal programming" so our flowers can bloom and turn into that mass of color that we are all used to seeing as we go by the Hawthorne Hotel.


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