Saturday, May 17, 2014

Service Dog Project, Inc.

I never know what a phone call or email is going to bring our way. That was exactly the case when last week I received a phone asking if a non-profit organization called the Service Dog Project could do a photo shoot for their 2015 calendar shoot using our podium and flags as "props".  Being both a pet-friendly hotel, and a hotel that supports many non-profits in the area, we of course said "yes!"

If you go you can see this year's calendar.  It will let you get an idea of what kind of photos featured so well in their 2014 calendar.  I cannot wait to see the one for 2015.

You can also find out more about Service Dog Project by visiting that same website, but here is what we learned:

* Great Danes are used to provide stability to mobility patients such as those with MS, as well as to disabled veterans.  

* These dogs all weigh about 120 to 170 pounds, which is important in providing stability to adults.
* This organization is located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and is open for visits -- check out their website for the details -- and also has webcams so you can see the puppies playing, sleeping or doing whatever else puppies do, right there at the farm.
* Great Danes are definitely traffic stoppers -- we had guests and staff stopping by the photo shoot to say "hi" and pet the dogs, who were so well-behaved and willing to be greeted.
* My photos are not nearly as good as those being shot by their professional photographer, William Huber.  We cannot wait to see his finished product in next year's calendar!

Two guests who were in for lunch in the Tavern, stopped by the Ballroom to say "hi" and fell in love.

Special thanks to my husband, Walter Lederhaus, who brought a few of his ties for the dogs to wear in this shoot -- and did so on the spur of the moment when their stylist couldn't make it here.

What good dogs!
In order to see the final version of what the calendar will have in it, you will have to wait until the calendar comes out.  So stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy seeing yet another "day in the life of the Hawthorne Hotel" vignette.

And of course, I hope to see you here.


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