Monday, May 26, 2014

Forty-Two Years Ago. . .

One of the best things about having a wedding reception or other "life event" at the Hawthorne Hotel is our stability in the business we provide for our guests.  We are getting ready to enter our 90th year in business in 2015, and that should be meaningful to you if you want to come back and celebrate anniversaries of your special event in the place where it was held.

Recently as I was going table to table during a meal service I met Nels H. Nelson, who shared with me that he and his wife, Ann, had gotten married at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1972 -- on August 19 to be exact.  As I am wont to do, I asked if they had any photos in their wedding album that might show the hotel in the background, and if so, would they mind sharing so we could add them to our historic archives.

I do that a lot, and sometimes my "ask" produces results, and other times just a polite "maybe".  This particular guest was very kind, and did search through and bring us two photos this past weekend. Here they are --and we did two versions of the scans, the top one as a .jpg and the second in each series as a PDF.  I think the colors in the .jpg scans are more true, but the PDF scans seem a little more crisp in terms of the detail:

This "toast" took place right in front of the windows that overlook the Common.  In those days the windows were covered over to make the room look more "modern" and the trim in the room was painted a dark green.  The head table was quite long.  The chairs appear to have been a kind of shiny, perhaps plastic, brocade look alike.

Tossing the bouquet took place in front of that big long head table, and in the background you can see the wall that is in common with the Tavern. In this photo you can clearly see that the trim that we had previously thought was painted black is actually that dark green, trimmed in gold.  There was a painting in the "frame" that is located between the two doors to the Tavern.  It could be the same painting that is now hanging in the lobby in between the Tavern and Ballroom doorways.

On another note, don't you just love the "hippie" style 70s dresses that everyone was wearing in this photo.
In regards to the interior "style" then, I cropped and enlarged the photo above so I could see the pattern in the carpet more readily.  Here is what I got from that:

I asked Mr. Nelson if he would be so kind as to hold the photos in front of the area where the bouquet toss took place, and he happily agreed.  Quite a different "look" between the "before" and "after" in terms of the paint scheme.  We sure wish we knew what became of that painting that was there in the earlier photo!

Mr. Nelson shared with me that he and Ann met at Melrose High School where they were classmates. When I asked him why they chose the Hawthorne he said that there were not a lot of places around in those days where you could hold a classy wedding reception, and that they especially appreciated the historic nature of the Hawthorne.  So, even then, when the hotel was only a little more than 45 years old, it was still considered an historic hotel, and was a place worth some travel to utilize.
One more interesting fact -- Mr. Nelson is a "twin" and his sister also had her wedding reception that year at the Hawthorne Hotel, in October.  Clearly his family was satisfied with our food, service and ambiance enough to hold not one but two grand events in our Grand Ballroom in one year.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of these "flash back" posts, as much as I enjoy putting them together for you.


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