Friday, April 18, 2014

March's Part-Time Employee of the Month is Recognized

Andrew "AJ" Grube was surprised during his shift in the Tavern on Wednesday night so that we could award him the Part-Time Employee of the Month Award for March 2014.    You can see by these photos that he thought we were in the Tavern to take a photo of the managers who were all lined up, so he tried to get out of the picture, but then finally realized when we started singing "For he's a jolly good fellow" that we were there for him.

Left to right:  AJ with his back to the camera, Elizabeth Buchanan, Evening Manager; Rhiannon Nowak, Hawthorne Catering Chef; Maggie Johnson, Banquet Chef; Karen O'Kane, Director of Catering; Zak Leete, Dining Services Supervisor; Jasmina Conley, Assistant Dining Services Manager; and Lindsay Otis, Senior Catering Sales Manager

Here you can see AJ trying to make his way around all these managers who are at this point "in his way".  In addition to the managers named in the photo caption above, you can see Jessica Wright, Sales Manager (in the red dress) and to her right, Alaina Ferreiro, Catering Manager and Sara Norris, Catering Sales Manager.

Now that he "gets it" AJ seemed pretty happy.

 After the initial ambush we took him out to the lobby for the formal presentation and small speeches that we have as part of this ceremony.

Jasmina expressing her feelings about what a terrific team member AJ has been for us.

While AJ has only been with us for a little more than six months, during that time he has developed into a very loyal, dedicated and hard-working team member of the Dining Services Department.  He has worked in the Tavern, Nathaniel's and the Garden Restaurant at PEM, all as part of our great team.

I hope when you see him you will congratulate him for his terrific work, and wonderful attitude.


Special thanks to Elizabeth Buchanan for taking the photos.

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