Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Another Look at the Past

If you've been following our blog for a while, then you know that we love to meet guests who have a special connection to the Hawthorne Hotel. In February, I was chatting with a woman, Sandy Kearns Bowen, who was dining in the Tavern. She shared with me that she and her husband had held their wedding reception in our Grand Ballroom on August 17, 1968!

Never one to miss an opportunity, I asked Sandy if she would be willing to share any photographs from the happy occasion. I’ve included them below so that you can see for yourselves the ways in which the Hawthorne has changed.

Here is the happy couple and their wedding party:

We loved the detail in the photograph below! Those of you familiar with our Grand Ballroom will note the differences in the detailing—the accenting black and gold leaf are no longer present in the large function room.

As we are in the process of purchasing new banquet chairs for our Ballroom, we also appreciated a look at the golden ballroom chairs the Hotel was using back then.  And the terrazzo flooring that is hiding underneath our current wall-to-wall carpeting is something we would love to see restored someday.

Here you can see the ecstatic couple as they get ready to leave. You can also get a great look at a very simple-looking Hawthorne Hotel Lobby. While a few recognizable details are still present in our Lobby today, a lot has certainly changed in the nearly 45 years that have passed since this couple was wed!

And for fun, here is the classic sendoff. Pete explained that in 1968, Eugene McCarthy was running for President, thus the bumper sticker. What a fun fact!

After her husband had forwarded me these great photos, Sandy sent me another e-mail. She said she had forwarded the photos to a college roommate who was in one of them, and her roommate had a little more info to offer on the final photo. Sandy explained, "She reminded me that as we were "going away" in the car, there were fireworks in the background and my father said to her "Tell your father to top this for your wedding!" ....It was Salem Heritage Days (timed just right!)"

I hope you enjoyed this glance into the past as much as we did. Thank you again to Pete and Sandy for sharing their special memories with us.

Hope to see you here!


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