Monday, March 31, 2014

Salem Marine Society - A Unique Setting

Located on the roof of the Hawthorne Hotel is a small clubhouse, built as part of an agreement in order to get the land to build the Hawthorne Hotel.  It is the headquarters of the Salem Marine Society.  This space is so interesting, but unfortunately it is only accessible to Salem Marine Society members.

Here is a video that I shot there several years ago with Jim McAllister, a local historian, giving a "tour" of this space which is modeled after the Tara Topian, a sailing vessel (barque) that sailed out of Salem in the late 1880's.

Click on this link to see the video on YouTube:  Salem Marine Society Video Tour .

Here is a slide show: Slide Show of Salem Marine Society  if you want things to proceed more at your own pace.

I hope you enjoy this "tour" and that you will stop by the hotel for a visit as well.


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