Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PInterest, this Blog, Our Social Media History at the Hawthorne Hotel

Okay, we have gone and done it.  We are on Pinterest now, and quite honestly, we are excited about it.  It takes me having one of those "ah-ha" moments before I will adopt a new technology, but when I finally figure out a cool reason for our business to be involved in something, I sure do embrace it.

This blog is now officially just over nine (9) years old!  It has been posted on EVERY DAY for all of those nine years, starting on March 22, 2005.  You can check if you want. No days missed!

Almost as soon as Twitter came on the scene we adopted that because we heard that it was kind of a mini-blog, and that made sense to me.  But when FaceBook was available, I couldn't figure out why it was important for the Hawthorne Hotel, and how to use it properly for a business purpose.

On March 18, 2009 I started a FaceBook page for the Hawthorne Hotel, but I was still easily confused about the differences between posting "for" the Hotel, and personal posts.  It wasn't until January 1 of 2011 that FaceBook came out with "Pages" which made things make sense for me as a business.   That was when I was able to begin to separate the two kinds of posts, and really make use of FaceBook for the Hawthorne Hotel.  Over the past two years we have really gained in "friends" and we have fun with that social media connection with our guests.

Here it is, March again, and I have finally begun to understand Pinterest as yet another place to engage people in a unique way -- this time completely through images. (Kudos to our Catering Sales Team for pushing me in this direction, and providing the lesson I needed to fully understand how to do these posts easily, with special thanks to Jessica Wright.)

So to help you a bit, here is my simplistic view of the social media world for business -- I think of the following:

Blog = Glossy Magazine
Twitter = Radio Announcement or Blurb
FaceBook = Daily Newspaper
Pinterest = On-line, Organized Photo Album

They can all link together which is helpful and fun.

So, now that I am launched down that "Pinterest" road, here is a link to one of the 21 boards we set up -- our "history" board, called Hawthorne Archives:  Historical Archives of the Hawthorne Hotel .  If you are "on Pinterest" and have items of an interesting historical connection to the Hawthorne Hotel, we would love to see them.  This photo is a slice of a screenshot of that board:

Oh, and if you don't already "follow" us in these various places, we would love to have you do so.  It is much more fun to do these kinds of things if we know someone is actually looking at what we do.



I hope to see you here, or in one or more of those places.


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