Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our Team Members Are the Best!

One of the ways we recognize excellence in our team members is through our Employee of the Month program.  We honor one part-time and one full-time team member every month.  The managers nominate staff from their departments at our monthly staff meeting, and then we vote.  Once we prepare all the goodies, we plan a time when as many managers as possible can go to that team member's work-space and we present the award right there, often right in full view of our guests.  Many times we find our guests chiming in and adding their own kudos as well.

Yesterday we presented the award for Part-time Employee of the Month for February to Mark Carmody, who works for us on our team of food service staff members at PEM.  We hold the contract to provide the food service at PEM.  Mark works for us there in our Atrium Cafe, as a cashier and food runner.

From the first week Mark transferred to PEM from the hotel, we immediately began receiving compliments from the people at PEM about Mark, about how friendly and efficient he is.  Mark's supervisors quickly realized that Mark was a perfect fit for us there, so when it came time for nominations for February, he was at the top of their list.

Here are some photos of the award celebration.  You can see how pleased Mark was.

A collage of our arrival to surprise Mark.

Jasmina Conley explaining to Mark why he was nominated.  Jasmina is the Assistant Dining Services Manager

Claire Kallelis adding her kudos to Mark about his work ethic.

Juli Lederhaus, General Manager, reviewing the packet of goodies that Mark received as part of this award.

Left to right:  Jasmina Conley, Assistant Dining Services Manager; Claire Kallelis, Assistant General Manager and Director of Food & Beverage; Mark Carmody, Winner; Rebecca Cope, Dining Services Manager; and Maggie Johnson, Sous Chef

One Happy Guy -- Way to go, Mark!
 As we concluded the presentation, Mark stated that he was going to be hanging his award in his room as soon as he got home.  You can tell he is happy!

I hope you will join me in congratulating Mark.

And of course, I hope to see you here, or at PEM.


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