Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Salem Pet-Friendly? We sure think so!

Salem has been nominated in's Best City for Pet Travelers tournament - their version of March Madness! If you LOVE Salem, and believe that Salem is the very BEST place for pets, please vote now so we can advance to the next level.  We are up against New Orleans in this current bracket, and are slightly ahead, so we need your vote.

Please do not be intimidated by the size of this ballot -- you can just vote for Salem, or you can vote for as many other brackets as you wish.  Salem vs New Orleans is about halfway down the very lengthy ballot.

Enjoying "Doggie Room Service" while "honeymooning" at the Hawthorne Hotel

Please help us WIN, because we know we are the best!


Juli (and the rest of the pet-friendly City of Salem)

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! Your Doggie Room Service Menu looks better than some I've seen for humans ... Ty and Buster may have to fight me for some of those options! We hope you guys do well in the tournament.