Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Guest Newsletter for Thursday, March 6

Here is the Hawthorne Guest Messenger for Thursday, March 6, 2014.

Hotel Notes
Stop by the Tavern on the Green and try our cocktail of the week, the Cinnabon Martini. This martini is made with Pinnacle cinnamon vodka, espresso vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s and a splash of cream. It’s a delicious excuse to stop by and enjoy our fire place and cozy atmosphere! 

Weather Forecast   
Snow showers early, cloudy in the afternoon. Highs in the 30s.

What’s Happening in Salem this week
This month, guests of The House of the Seven Gables can experience a very different aspect of history: an exhibit of antique, high-society handbags.
The exhibit, run by Karen Barter, the Gables’ director of development, includes more than 50 pocketbooks dating from the early 20th century throughout the historic home.
It opened this week and will run until March 17.

VIP of the Day
The Hawthorne Hotel would like to welcome their VIPs of the day, April Wenger and Carol Hebb!

Flags of the Day
Trinidad and Tobago

This Day in History
On this day in 1899, the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin registers Aspirin, the brand name for acetylsalicylic acid, on behalf of the German pharmaceutical company Friedrich Bayer & Co. Now the most common drug in household medicine cabinets, acetylsalicylic acid was originally made from a chemical found in the bark of willow trees.

I hope to see you here!


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