Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Day -- Busy In More Ways Than Usual

Valentine's Day is usually a pretty laid-back "holiday" but around the Hawthorne Hotel there were so many things going on, you wouldn't believe it.  While we were very busy in both our restaurants, and were busy handling the plans and set-up of our Princess Tea the next day, AND we were gathering together the "Hawthorne Hotties" to do a neighborly visit to Brookhouse, there was even more happening.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring a smile to your face. Scrap paper probably doesn’t seem all that exciting, but we are always looking for ways to recycle and reuse where we can at the Hotel, and are happy when we find a new way to do so.

Several of us keep scrap paper around for taking notes, and at one point my assistant, Kayleigh M, had an entire box of it under her desk. In December, she decided to recycle this scrap paper into proper notepads using padding compound.

Padding compound
When they discovered one such notepad on her desk, several managers were so excited by it that Kayleigh decided to make notepads for our entire administrative staff.

Christmas was a busy time for us, and so she decided to make them for Valentine’s Day. She received help from Jasmina "Jaz" Conley, our Assistant Dining Services Manager, who supplied stacks of old menus and did her share of cutting paper.

The two spent spare minutes clipping stacks of scrap paper together and painting on two coats of the padding compound to create over 30 notepads.
Kayleigh Merritt posing with stack of new notepads, clipped while they were drying
When they were done, Kayleigh made notes to include with the notepads...

"Happy Valentine's Day from Kayleigh and Jaz"

...and Jasmina tied them all with ribbon.

They then left the finished notepads in the mailboxes of our administrative staff the evening before Valentine's Day so that they would have a nice little surprise waiting for them the next morning.

Jasmina and Kayleigh posing with their finished product

I hope you enjoyed this peek at how the Hawthorne hospitality extends "behind the scenes"!


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